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Estate Tax Rules are in Flux

In light of changes to the Estate Tax rules, it may seem that the dance floor is moving faster than your feet can step in this environment. Trust and Estate Clients should take a "second look" to make sure plans will hold up under new rules. In this context, a wide array of unintended consequences could develop. We advise all clients to review and consider the impact of current and ever-changing Estate Planing rules. Often, the entire Estate Planning community in the United States is deeply engaged with helping families understand how to plan in a materially different environment compared to the planning environment where most existing estate plans were created.

Investment consequences related to market volatility and repricing of global assets may have caused a profound impact on the capacity of older estate plans to meet the objectives that may have been possible only a few years ago.  In addition, the sustainability of income flows has been compromised by the repricing of sectors of the financial markets.  Emphasis needs to be placed on making adjustment to meet these realities. 

If your plans have not been reviewed in light of the present legislative and regulatory realities, or if your circumstances have changed, we strongly suggest a thorough review of your estate plan.

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Our Approach To Estate Planning

Frederick Ravid was a member of the Atlanta Estate Planning Council for over a decade and routinely collaborates with respected attorneys and accountants who specialize in issues of estate planning for wealthy clients. 

We have found that clients who understand their strategy and the sorts of legal documents they will need are far more effective consumers of specialized and sometimes expensive legal services.  Frequently, we have the opportunity to save clients money by helping clients identify their objectives. Once your objectives are identified it becomes easier for you to obtain quotes for services from outside professionals.

Many people have existing relationships with professionals who possess estate planning expertise. However, we caution that Estate Planning documents written for laws prior to January 2010 have fallen out of date and may require revision. Contact us to discuss your situation confidentially.

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