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Client Reviews Essential To Follow-up

The dynamic circumstances of life call for regular reviews on your behalf.  Even in the best of circumstances it is essential to utilize a disciplined review approach so that strategies and tactics don't lose their balance. To meet this need, Chartered Financial Services Inc. created the Cyclical Review Process®. Over decades, this approach has proven extremely helpful to our clients. We utilize a quarterly review process in which we have face-to-face meetings with clients.  Where clients have special situations, we conduct meetings as frequently as needed.

Our Reviews provide the following:

◦ Discussion of changes in your life or business and that of your family or associates
◦ CFS Price Cycle® forecasts about our economic expectations for the upcoming quarter
◦ Review your investment portfolios from a comprehensive perspective
◦ Consider any emerging performance or risk issues and how they may affect your life
◦ Offer recommendations about any investment changes we recommend
◦ Obtain your feedback about new recommendations, discuss and obtain your authorization for execution
◦ Evaluate tax, regulatory, or other pertinent issues that could affect you
◦ Identify any future strategic enhancements or changes that you might want to consider



Scheduling Your Review

Call anytime you feel a need to consult with us and we’ll schedule a time for you.  Under routine circumstances we will send an e-mail asking you to consider some alternative meeting times.  You can suggest what works best for you and we’ll confirm that date and time.  We typically confirm by voice on the day of your meeting.

Addressing Special Needs

In addition to our routine review matters, clients often want to discuss something that has been on their mind.  When that is the case, tell us when you have a Discussion Topic when you schedule your meeting. With advance notice of special conversational topics, we will coordinate allocation of additional time and resources to make sure your questions are addressed as fully as possible.

Every Client Is Unique

The Chartered Financial Services Inc. Cyclical Review Process® components enumerated above are presented as guidelines for a typical client review. Client circumstances may call for varying elements to be considered during a review. Your review approach may differ depending on your needs.
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