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Retirement Planning 2016

The selling stampede that started at the new year was broken on Feb 12 2016, and since that time the S&P500 has returned to positive territory with modest returns year-to-date. The trend has been positive, but the question is: "How are YOUR retirement investments doing?" Choosing investments in the current environment calls for careful selection and a clear understanding of what's going on, because what worked well over the past couple of years is not working this year. This is a good time to check in with us. 

For many, traditional retirement planning is based on a set of assumptions about asset allocation and diversifying portfolios called Modern Portfolio Theory. We feel this approach has been discredited in the wake of the market crisis of late 2008 and 2009. Further complicating this sea change in portfolio management approaches, computerized algorithmic trading has led to the serious consequence of various asset classes correlating rather than differing in their performance and risk characteristics. For these reasons, we recommend that your retirement planning should include our forecasting and consequent investment approaches.

No two plans are alike but we see many clients of other firms, who through inattention, unwillingness to forecast, and via economically-insensitive advice, missed opportunities or were overexposed to sectors that under-performed over the past year. No matter what kind of retirement plan you have, we recommend that you have us take a very close look at personal objectives, investment performance, investment selection, and possible outcomes.

Modifications to your investment strategies and retirement expectations are likely in order. Making, refining and closely monitoring your plans now could mean the difference between highly contrasting outcomes. It is widely accepted that people who engage in strategic planning on a routine basis can become more effective and confident through exposure and experience, and we encourage this via our quarterly Cyclical Review Process®.

The need for review covers not only retirement assets that are held in private accounts for your benefit, but also corporate retirement accounts in which you may be a participant.

Be certain to consult with us about this all-important dimension of your long-term security.

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