Products - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta

Stocks, ETFs, Options

We trade a wide range of securities on most major national and regional exchanges, including listed stocks, over-the-counter stocks, exchange traded funds, exchange traded notes, options, and convertible and preferred securities.

Markets - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta


We maintain active markets in corporate, government and municipal bonds. We also offer advice and consultation services for municipalities and issuers of municipal bonds.

Mutual Funds

Our clients can choose from among thousands of mutual funds (including open- and closed-end funds, load and no-load funds) offered by a variety of mutual fund companies. These funds cover a broad range of investment objectives, from current income to capital appreciation and many styles in between.

House - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta

Clearing Firms

We clear through TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Insurance & Annuities

Our insurance support services cover both individual and corporate group needs. Upon request for insurance services, we can take a brokerage approach which allows competitive forces to beneft our clients, we market personal and life, health and disability insurance; fixed and variable annuities; and other insurance products for financial and estate planning.


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