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At Chartered Financial Services, Inc., we are convinced that financial forecasting should be more seriously used in the context of offering you professional and credentialed advice. We find it shocking that most institutional economists forecast not more than a quarter or two ahead while investors are frequently facing investment horizons of greater than 10 years. It's no surprise that our world's future is often not well planned.

Our orientation is consequently different from sales-oriented dissemination of information designed to generate transactions in the near term.  Our mission has always focused on neutrality and avoiding conflicts of interest.

We are known for offering thoughtful Investment and Financial Planning and for close and long-term client relationships.  We seek to give our clients the advantages of focused service and attention to your unique needs.  We do not employ cookie-cutter solutions.  Our clients’ needs are varied and we employ varied solutions. 

World - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta 

Our primary focus has been to build a nimble company which can respond in the very personal ways our clients can enjoy and trust.  You are never “just a number” in a relationship with our Firm. 

Financial Planning can and should be an approach to serving you in a holistic manner.  To avoid pressing you into a transactional relationship, for the most part, we offer fee-based services.  Our approache helps you get professional expertise even if you do not have an account here.  Because we offer fee-based Financial Planning, we are able to remain neutral and focused on your security.

Consultations with us begin with a leave-your-checkbook at home meeting at our office in which we consider your situation and explore your needs.

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