Financial Planning & Managament - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta
Financial Planning & Managament - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta

Asset Management

We offer a variety of portfolio management services for individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, retirement funds, foundations, endowments and trusts.

We offer several types of fee-based accounts which feature quarterly fees and low (or no) transaction costs.

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Cash Management

Through our Qualified Custodian, we can combine your investment account with a comprehensive cash management program.

Features include unlimited check writing, a VISA™ debit/ATM card, cost basis and gain/loss information, dividend reinvestment, electronic deposits/payments, direct access to account information via the Internet, monthly statements and an annual summary statement.

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Fee-Based Financial Planning

Fee-Based Financial Planning Services are designed to enhance your security. Obtaining Fee-Based Financial Planning Services offers you a way to receive professional advice without having to buy something or open an account.

Our most popular Fee-Based Financial Planning Service is our Personal CFO ServiceSM, which brings decades of professional and comprehensive expertise to bear for you. Some clients express interest in simplifying financial matters and increasing control. Our approach can assist you to prioritize and address a substantial range of issues. These may represent business or investment opportunities, tax matters, family objectives and attainment of personal goals. While timely response is important in order to be financially effective, the delegation of Personal Chief Financial Officer functions is often a sensible and cost-effecive solution.

Fee-Based Financial Planning Services are performed by Chartered Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor in Colorado & Georgia, and charged on an hourly and pre-agreed basis.  We enter into Fee-Based Financial Planning Services under a Letter of Engagement that clearly spells out what you will receive and how much the service will cost. 

Our popular Fee-Based Financial Planning Services also includes the Lifetime Cash Flow StudySM, a powerful forecasting tool that can help clients identify important long term personal trends.

Additional Popular Fee-Based Financial Planning Services include:

Family Office – Serves to Coordinate Financial Matters for Wealthy Families

Detailed Analysis of Portfolios for Private or Institutional Clients

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Budget Analysis and Creation

Succession Plans and Retirement Planning

Family Meetings to Bring Financial Clarity

Helping Stakeholders Come to Agreement to Foster Effective Financial Strategies

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