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Stock Market Volatility Still Threatens Education Investments

Investment markets' recovery from the selloff in early 2016 should not be seen either as cure or a given. Today's education investors need to weigh risks and challenges with a careful eye towards timelines related to Education Funding objectives. Chartered Financial Services, Inc. may be able to shed valuable light on education-related investment alternatives, challenges and concerns.  We are ready to help you sort out what to do next.

Education Planning - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta

Our Three-Stage Education
Investment Planning Process

We provide guidance on education funding alternatives to assist parents, grandparents, and interested parties.  Our recommendations carefully consider timelines, risk, and potential benefits. For certain investors, much-touted 529 plans might be less effective than other approaches depending on your factors. We provide specially focused services to assist you in sorting out the impact of various alternative approaches.

Our Education Planning approach involves a three-stage process. First, we establish cash flow budgets for periodic contributions in order to determine how much money needs to be saved for college or private school. Second, we help you select appropriate investments that may meet the needs of your student. Third, we consider the alternative account types that may offer certain tax advantages or other effective features to complement your education investing strategy.

As is the case with all investment strategies, we recommend that investments for education be reviewed on a consistent basis to assure conformity to portfolio management objectives.

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