Initial Consultation - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta

Initial Consultation - Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Atlanta

Your First Confidential Consultation

We understand that in the course of selecting a Financial Planner, an office visit is a pivotal opportunity for us all to consider working with each other. As a result, we have established a complementary Confidential Consultation initial meeting.  In the midst of very challenging circumstances that many people are encountering now, we recognize the urgency of these meetings. Our Initial Consultation focus is not transactional by design. It’s a no-pressure “leave your checkbook at home,” occasion.  Here, we create a safe, neutral, and objective conversational environment where you can discuss important matters.  Everything we discuss remains strictly confidential.

During your visit, we seek to answer specific questions about your life in the context of your financial situation.  Since we are meeting to get to know one another better, you are welcome to ask us questions about how we approach our service to clients . In this context, we will review your situation and offer a seasoned financial professional's overview from the holistic Financial Planning approach.  This valuable overview can help you bring together issues that for most people, have been fragmented in the past.


Financial Planning for your life involves a wide variety of issues. Certainly, Financial Planning deals with money issues, but the reality is, Financial Planning can enhance your LIFE over the long term.  Your satisfaction, confidence, goals, values and concerns are our primary areas of our focus. From the Financial Planning perspective, close attention to the Six Key Areas of Tax, Savings, Investments, Retirement, Estate Planning and Protection can help you confidently achieve realistic life goals. 

We find that your time spent with us is most effective when you bring along the following items, but don't worry if they're not all available -- these are simply guidelines:

    • Notes on particular concerns or ideas you would like to focus on in our meeting
    • Recent Statements from mutual funds, managed accounts, investment brokerage accounts, annuities, & retirement plans, and CDs
    • Amount, cash value, & cost details about life insurance, long term care, disability coverage, or annuities you own
    • Financial Statements (or your fresh knowledge of your assets, liabilities and budget)
    • Last year’s federal tax return would be appropriate if you’re trying to reduce taxes.
    • Existing wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, if you plan to have reviewed

    Our primary concern is your long term security.  Using the Financial Planning Process, we strive to employ neutral advice and consistent follow-through to help you reach a balance in your life that can yield confidence, enjoyment and financial security.   Our clients receive highly customized advice, and we take our time to make sure we understand one another before we make any suggestions. 

    We recommend that both spouses attend the Initial Consultation whenever possible.



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