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Notice to Visitors: Effective May 2017 we are moving our primary web presence to moneygrow.com. Please refer to our new site for current information. Some obsolete links on this site have been removed. 

Our Focus is on Genuine Client Security whether we are managing your capital or providing financial planning services. For investments under our control, we actively pursue capital management methods designed to enhance long term security without sacrificing returns. Following our methods, we believe every investment client can become increasingly more confident.

Chartered Financial Services, Inc. has a clear mission focus: While other firms have just begun to consider holistic life planning, we have three decades of experience in comprehenisive planning. We are here to help you enhance your long term personal and financial security through careful planning and consistent review.

Chartered Financial Services, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor in Colorado & Georgia providing Asset Management and diligent client service. We began offering services in 1986. Our offices are in Atlanta and Denver. We provide services to clients across the USA and abroad.

We provide access to Fee Based Asset Management & Financial Planning Advice with a flexible approach designed to optimize your client experience and control or minimize your costs.

To schedule a Free Consultation call us at 800-352-8390.

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